Thorough Communication

What was most notable about Chris for us was his above and beyond conscientiousness. He communicated so thoroughly about everything, making himself constantly available for questions or needs via texting or calling.

As a young couple new to any real estate processes, he guided us so graciously; we didn’t once sense that he was trying to steer us in a specific direction for his own gain. He pointed out very insightful positives and negatives of each home for our specific goals, and it was evident that he had our best interest in mind throughout the process.

The little things he did made us realize within the first two days of working with him that we were very blessed to be able to have this experience guided by him. One example of this was when we were following him in the car touring properties- if we became separated by even one car or stop sign, he would kindly pull over and ensure that we were the immediate car behind him – Caleb said “Wow, sweetie, this guy is quality. Did you see that?”

The convenient and regular texting was also notable- always confirmed what we set up, followed through we guiding what our next step was to be, etc. This was the best customer service we have ever experienced, and we certainly didn’t expect that to come from a real estate process!